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We install home elevators and wheelchair lifts made by the Inclinator Company of America. Inclinator manufactures the highest rated residential equipment in the country, and we are proud to be one of their partners.

We are as caring and responsive with residential customers as we are with our corporate customers. We are big on problem solving and answering customer's questions.

We recognize that household residents sometimes need a little bit of vertical help, whether due to a balance of handicapped situation. Whether it means the installation of a new or used stair chair, or a closet elevator, we can handle the job with aplomb. We realize that people want to stay in their home environments whenever possible, and we go to great lengths to try to help. We are a family owned and operated business, and are trustworthy people to have in your home.

We handle maintenance, repairs and installations for homes in Rochester and Syracuse, including Pittsford, Fairport, East Rochester, Greece, Irondequoit, Mendon, Victor, Canandaguia and Brighton.

A bit more about our partner brand, Inclinator Company of America. Inclinator invented the home elevator, and continues to perfect it, with unmatched customization and reliability. Visit their web site and you'll be happy with what you see as far as their products and commitment.

Stair Chairs

Beyond installations, we find that customers often need to have a stair chair removed, moved, or installed. Contact us anytime and we can help you safety and securely solve your family's need in this area. Some customers even donate their stairchair back to us when their family no longer needs it, to enable another family to help a loved one at minimal cost. We maintain a small inventory of used stair chairs, and make every effort to match a device to a household at a minimum of cost.

When we are installing a new stair chair or home lift, we often aquire it from AmeriGlide. AmeriGlide is an industry leader in lift solutions for homes, due to their products' quality, reliability and pricing. At the Elevator Guild, we think that AmeriGlide's products are the best vertical-assistance products on the planet.

Home Maintenance

We are known for our outstanding service. We maintain all of our customer’s vertical lift equipment to the highest standards, and home users are no exception.

We care about our home customers. Contact us and explore your options with the Elevator Guild!