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The Elevator Guild has a maintenance approach that is categorized under several important subjects, described as follows:

  • Safety: Strictly adhering to codes and specifications of your elevator.
  • Machinery:  Examination, adjustment and lubrication of all moving parts, inspection of  parts for wear.
  • Hoistway Equipment: Inspection, adjustment, and lubrication of switches, cables, guides, and rails.
  • Door Equipment: One of the highest priorities in the elevator industry.  Inspection, adjust to original specifications, lubricate, and replacement of parts for optimal safety and performance.
  • General Housekeeping: the performance of housekeeping is critical as a starting point for preventative maintenance.  Removal of debris and having clean machinery allows maintenance to be performed more effectively.

The Elevator Guild’s Service Division is experienced on all types and vintages of elevators.  We have a dedicated preventative maintenance program performed on schedule. 

We offer a wide variety of maintenance programs to specifically fit your elevator needs.  Our goal is to prevent problems before they occur and before they turn into a major expense.